walked with the Universe on her shoulders

 graffiti wings


“She made broken look beautiful

and strong look invincible.

She walked with the Universe

on her shoulders and made it

look like a pair of wings.”



Ariana Dancu






I believe everyone walks with a universe on their shoulders.

Maybe not “the” universe … but certainly a universe.


universe in the palm of our hands lifeA lot of people would argue with me on this.


Mainly because by making this point I am suggesting that everyone, regardless of their situation and history, carries a fairly equal burden.


In my defense?


I mean, c’mon, how do you compare sizes of universes and depths of universes?

And … well … universes are universes for gods sake.


In addition.


I would argue that assessing the difference between someone’s burden and another’s is kind of silly if not a complete waste of time. Misery is a very personal thing. Broken is a very personal thing. Burdens are a very personal thing.

While from the outside looking in one person’s burden may have an obvious appearance of being extraordinarily heavy and another person’s burden seems light … on the inside … the burden  looks and feels heavy.


Seems to me that the better discussion is how the burden is carried. And whether that burden is carried like wings or weights.


For if we all walk with the universe on our shoulders it kind of seems like that also suggests opportunities are relatively endless as well as the choices which inevitably make up opportunities <and disappointments>. It also suggests that every universe has ‘broken’ within it and everyone has the opportunity, or choice, to make it look beautiful or … well … just broken.


In fact … within that thought … there could be so many different opportunities and decisions and choices and paths … well … you could explore your universe and end up wandering aimlessly in empty space.


And maybe that is the most daunting aspect of carrying a universe on your shoulders.


It is yours.


And it is infinite.


And it is unexplored.


And its vastness can be overwhelming.


And while all of that sounds … well … alternatively frighteningly exciting & hopeful and frighteningly daunting & chaotic … everyone carries a universe with these characteristics.


We really are no different in this sense. Well. At least if you maintain some perspective <which, I will admit, is easier said than done>.


mindset attention clutter universe people



“I’m no different to anyone.


Yes, I have fame and wealth and talent, but I certainly don’t consider myself any better than anyone who has no fame, wealth or talent.


People fascinate me.


And I’m no more fascinated by my own life than by anyone else’s.”








Maybe think of it this way.


If we all have an infinite universe we walk with on our shoulders.


If we all accept that we have an infinite universe we walk with on our shoulders.


If we all view this infinite universe we walk with on our shoulders.


If we all explore this infinite universe we walk with on our shoulders.




If all that … we all are the same in a fairly large sense. We all wander within an infinite universe.


Talk about “one world” … shit … this suggests “one universe” <and we can all find our own worlds>.universe life essence life rabbit




I am not sure I have a real point today.


Maybe I just like the thought of an infinite universe for everyone. And I like the thought that if universes are universes we all carry a similar burden on our shoulders as we walk thru Life.


And maybe I like that perspective it gives me … as I view others walking around with their universes on their shoulders. And I maybe appreciate the choice to carry their universe like a weight … or with wings. And maybe I appreciate those who make their version of broken look … well … okay if not actually beautiful.



Written by Bruce