winning the Netherlands Lottery

Wow. I seem to be winning the Netherlands Lottery a lot lately. Excuse me. “De Nederland’s” Lotto.


Sweepstake Promotion conducts by De Nederland’s Lotto!!!!!!


We are pleased to inform you that your e-mail address attaches to Batch No: 815/NL-13 / Ref No: NL-D/902NL / Lucky Number: 81513101 has won the staatsloterij of One Million One Hundred Thousand Euros (Ђ1, 100, 000. 00) lottery program.

This is a Sweepstake Promotion conducts by De Nederland’s Lotto, you are therefore been approved the winning of One Million One Hundred Thousand Euros. To file for your claim, you are to contact the claim agent Mr. John Benson on Email: Tel: 0031-616-325-592 /Fax: 0031-847-205-040, be advice to verify your winning information.


Am I the only one receiving emails (in my junk mail thankfully) from the Netherlands Lottery saying I have won (I cannot figure out if I want Euros, Krona, Guilders or monopoly money)?

spam geographic source of origin

I mean don’t get me wrong. I love winning the lottery (although I also admit I cannot remember when I actually played a lottery .. but .. anyway ..).

Oddly. If I look at the graph to your right I am actually n the minority. Netherlands only represents .11% of spam. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So. Who answers these emails? Who even opens them? I guess the odd thing is I have to assume they keep sending all these out because some bonehead somewhere actually believes they have won a lottery in a company they probably have never even been to.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … I also wonder if this has something to do with the Olympics. The Netherlands has been pretty competitive in all those shooting, cross country, obscure skiing events and I wonder if they are using their newfound fame to increase email “open response.”

Clever Netherlanders.

Spamming Post Part 2

I am pleased to follow up my “I just won the Netherlands Lottery” email with the announcement I now have also won the Swiss Lotto. (I am on a roll with every lottery but any American one).

Ok. That’s a different post.

But now I have an opportunity to get 20% of 46million which is hanging out in Russia with nothing to do. I received an email from a friend (how did I know? … in the “From” header it says Your friend.) if I help re-profile the 46 million I get a 20% commission. Awesome. All I have to do is email this guy to his personal email (that is very important as he/she/it – my personal friend) and we are good to go. I am not sure what I will do with all this money.

Ok. Who responds to these emails? Spam. We all know what it is and we all hate it. It’s so common place we assume it is just part of emailing. Regardless of all the hi-tech spam filters in place, plenty still arrive in the ole inbox. Anyway. I’m maybe naively surprised spam still exists these days because I would think by now everyone has wised up to the fact that their penis isn’t going to grow an extra 5 inches overnight by buying a magical $60 pill or you have won a gazillion Euros in a lotto you never entered. But some idiot must still opening up these e-mails and visiting the sites that help fund the spammer. I guess I wonder how stupid do you have to be to actually believe that you have won or been chosen on one of these things? All I know is if you click on the link that says “redeem your prize”, you will not be collecting any gift, lump sum of cash or a free vacation. Instead you have just signed yourself up on another hundred wonderful spam lists (if not some nifty lil virus that will sneak into your computer to help you win some additional prizes).  Anyway. Just in case you want to take advantage of the commission on this Russian offer I gave included the email. Go ahead. I don’t plan on responding.


From: Your friend

Reply To:

Sent: Mar 3, 2010 7:25 AM

Subject: RE: How are you today

I am the personal secretary to Mr. Boris Mikhail Khodorkovsky, The arrested Chairman/Ceo of Yukos oil and bank Menatep SPB Russia, Who is presently in jail.

I have the documents of a large amount of funds which he handed over to me before he was detained and has been sentenced to jail for not paying Taxes and financing political parties (The Union of Right Forces, led By Mr. Boris Nemtsov and Yabloko, a Liberal/Social Democratic Party led by Gregor Yavlinsky) opposed to the government of Mr. Vladimir Putin, the President thereby leading to the freezing his finances and assets.

After searching through the books of your country’s chambers of Commerce and industries here in Russia I am contacting you to assist me to Re-profile these funds and equally invest these funds in your country. The total amount of these funds to be re-profiled is Forty Six Million Dollars (USD 46,000,000.00) and you will be getting 20% for your Assistance. I shall furnish you with the necessary information’s, my full details and my identification as soon as I receive your acceptance.

I am not disclosing the full details of this transaction for now not until after I receive your Full acceptance as regard this transaction for security reason due to the present situation of my company.

Please Note: When you are replying back, you are advice to send your reply to my private email address: This is very important.

Yours sincerely,

Your Friend.


Conclusion: I wonder if I move to Russia or the Netherlands that I will start winning the US lottery? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …

Written by Bruce