6 million clicks.

27000 unique visitors (this month).

1 post that had 27000 visitors (pure coincidence).

1 guy writing about stuff he cares about.

Those are just some numbers about my blog.

I don’t really pay much attention to the Enlightened Conflict site statistics.

But. It was brought to my attention by my good buddy the Dman, who rummages around in the backroom of my websites on occasion, that I have had over 6 million clicks one month (2,800,000 in the current last 30 days or so) and that some pretty big numbers (at least to me) that swing up & down on a monthly basis depending on what I write.

27000 unique visitors in past 30 days.

Apparently google has “crawled” my site the last three months (I just wanted to type that) and re-posted some stuff.

Is that good?


I don’t know in the bigger world but to me? Yeah.  I am a content creator. I guess it’s good 6 million times people have viewed anything.

And it’s pretty heady stuff to wrap my head around that anyone, let alone 27000 anyones, read the shit I write.

Am I surprised? Yup.

It just seems like a big number for one lil ole guy.

My buddy the Dman is gonna dig around some more to give some insights beyond the fact when I wrote my Love series a boatload of people searched it and read it and something I wrote in April of this year had 27000 frickin’ people read it.

Now that, my friends, creates a hurdle for future success assessment (at least it’s something to aim for).


Am I happy with these numbers? Sure.  Why not.

More importantly from an enlightenment perspective I wanted to use the 6 million people who wandered by good ole enlightenedconflict in that one 30 day period to put some things into perspective for readers … in an enlightened way of course.

Here you go.

Some 6 million factoids:

–          Upright Walking Began 6 Million Years Ago

–          The BBC sends 6 million click throughs a month (so does that mean I am as good as 1/12th of the BBC ? … hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … I can live with that).

–          Shape magazine, Forbes & Money magazine all have 6 million subscribers.

–          The US Labor Dept. states that Six Million More Jobs Needed for Healthy Economy

–          The largest star cluster (or a small galaxy), a globular cluster called Messier 15, has about 6 million stars (to be a full on galaxy you need more stars).

–          Philadelphia region just crossed 6 million people.

–          Bagdad has a little over 6 million people.

–          Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) has a little over 6 million people.

–          Israel has a little over 6 million people. And approximately 6 million Jewish people lost their lives in world war 2 (just a reminder of one significant outcome of that conflict).

–          There are about 6 million Russians in China’s Siberia geography.

–          The Bible Society of Brazil is commemorated an unprecedented accomplishment in 2009 when it distributed 6 million Bibles in Brazil and across the globe.

–          About 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity annually.

–          There are approximately 6 million Buddhists in America

–          In 20 years of independence Ukraine’s population has decreased 6 million.

–          About 6 million people visit “the roof of the world” (Tibet) annually (which interestingly is about the same number of tourists that visit Brazil).

–          About 6 million US children are currently are raised in households headed by grandparents.

–          About 6 million children, or nearly 9% of all children in the United States, benefit from Social Security as dependents of workers who have died or become disabled or as family members in households where an adult relies on Social Security. Of the 6 million children in families that received Social Security, 1.1 million were lifted out of poverty by Social Security income.

–          Over 6 million US children currently take ADHD medicine.

–          In 2009, US child abuse involved an estimated 6 million children.

–          In September Sweden contributed $6 million toward efforts to end sexual and gender based violence in Liberia.

–          Hunger and malnutrition are the underlying cause of more than half of all child deaths, killing nearly 6 million children each year.

Some sobering numbers to remind peple that there are some really basic things we need to fix globally.

So. Where to go from here.

As I told Dman … “onwards & upwards.”

Now I want to figure out how to write something meaningful enough to impact 7 million people in a 30 day period and have over 28000 people read something.

Do I know the topic I want it to be? You bet.

How curiosity is the enemy of ignorance.

How we should use education to enlighten a generation of children.

How all children globally should have access to learning (not just because a brick & mortar school is nearby).

A fact: One hundred and fifteen million primary school-age children are out of school according to a joint global estimate by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and UNICEF.

This number equals 18% – or almost one in five – of the children worldwide in this age group.

The heck with 6 million.

Let’s aim to impact this 115 million. Why not.  The intent is good. Attack ignorance with words.

Unrealistic expectations?

Who would have thought one guy with a couple of good friends could create a blog that would reach 3 to 6 million people every 30 days?

“never doubt that a small group of like minded thoughtful people can make a difference.” M. Meade

This I am today and that I will be tomorrow.

At least this I know.

Written by Bruce