A Quasi-Apocalypse: California is falling into the sea




It’s not quite the apocalypse but a 30 foot chunk of California fell into the Pacific

(and it was REALLY close to where I live)



Here’s what happened within a good throw (ok, I would have to be able to throw like maybe Roger Clemens juiced up) away from where I live.


Waves crashing into a piece of land caused a chunk of earth near an apartment complex to fall into the Pacific Ocean early Thursday morning. That apartment complex is now…oh…with only 10 feet of land (some people call it a bluff I call it a cliff) between it and the Pacific Ocean (yeah. that would be one of the big, really deep, and cold on this coast, oceans). Thank God my complex has a good maybe 50 feet between me and the ocean.

I only bring this whole thing up because…well…we are heading into the winter season and with some high winds and maybe some more of those good ole waves crashing into the bluffs…and…well…if one day you happen to see the posts on my site come to a crashing halt it may simply be that Tigger (my border collie) and I have gone for an unexpected swim.


Have to say. It certainly hasn’t been dull here since I moved to the San Andreas Fault…oops…I mean California.

Written by Bruce