Addictive country style: American Honey by Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum

So. I got sucked into Lady Antebellum with “Need You Now,” a song that has beautifully crafted harmonies and an addictive chorus.

Tonight I heard “American Honey” for the first time. Wow. If this CD has other songs as good as these two this is gonna be a good buy.

“American Honey,” which Hilary sings lead on, is a laid back tune which eases along with a mix of violins and high string guitar and should remind you of a classic Dixie Chick hit from early in their career. Unlike “Need You Now” it is clearly a country song but one of those sweeping country ballads that sound good no matter what type of music you like. This band is good. Very good. I purposefully compared them to Dixie Chicks because I think they write stuff very similar to great Dixie songs. Plus they have a male singer who can switch in for lead vocals, so harmonies sound slightly richer.

Written by Bruce