Good to Great (without a book)

“The best is the enemy of good.”


I am sure everyone in the business world has either heard of or read “Good to Great.” Well. Voltaire only beat that book by about 200 years. He said some pretty straightforward smart things and all while trying not to die in a duel or get his head chopped off. So. There are two points with this quote (ok. I am sure there are more but I will stick with the ones I want to make).

First is my personal soapbox. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it isn’t smart. I didn’t need an entire book on a bestseller list to tell me about good to great. I could have studied history and literature and found Voltaire said it in one line.

Second is the truth behind the thought. You can settle for good or you can do something better. I don’t need a book for that either.

End each day with “I did the best I could today” and I can almost guarantee that you will feel good. And even better than if you say “I did a good job today.” But, hey, that’s me.

Written by Bruce