Addictive song #2 from Owl City

Owl City “The Bird and the Worm.”

Adam Young/Owl City





This song could possibly be called “part 2 of Fireflies” (because it just sounds like some producer said “hey can we cut out three and ½ minutes of that 7 minute firefly song you wrote and call it something and release it as a song?”).



It is just as addictive as Fireflies.



I may have been tempted to call it something other than “The Bird and the Worm” but what the hell. This kid wrote most of these songs in his basement so he can call them anything he wants.





If I was right about Fireflies being addictive (and I was as it worked its way to numero uno at one point) I am gonna be right on this one.


It’s fun. It’s catchy. It’s incredibly easy to listen to. It doesn’t have that same infectious hook that Fireflies has, but it is so frickin’ listenable all the way through its sickening. Happy. Bounces along and kind of makes you feel good about life.


“You and I left all our troubles far behind but I still just had one more question in mind”


It ain’t Mozart. It ain’t even U2. But is sure is addictive and fun to listen to. I can almost guarantee it will become a radio regular in the near future.

Written by Bruce