addictive song: beg steal or borrow by ray lamontagne

Ray Lamontagne is an acquired taste. He has a new cd coming out in mid august (that is not it to the left .. . that is an old good cd example).  I think this song, Beg Steal or Borrow,  is the pre-release for the cd. A lot of his other stuff gets a little too soft for my tastes but this song has a little folksier rambling sound to it.

It kind of has a Pure Prairie League sound to it (which is a good thing because Falling in and out of Love/Amie remain one of my favorite songs of all time).

(had to include that song):


‘Beg Steal or Borrow’ is country but not country. It has a slow non rushed western rolling sound to it. It just kind of moseys along (I don’t get to type that often). It certainly has the sound you can imagine playing this while cruising down an old highway somewhere in the middle of America. It has some nice nuanced key changes in the vocals and beautiful steel guitar.

In general Ray’s music isn’t for those seeking uplifting energetic music (unlike wakey!wakey! who I posted yesterday and also has a beard). Ray’s lyrics tend to be introspective and he writes stark melodies. But. Owning a couple of cds of his, his good stuff is good. This one is good.

Beg Steal or Borrow:


Written by Bruce