song: Dead Flowers by miranda lambert

Now. Don’t anyone think I have a love crush on Miranda Lambert. She is just cranking out some good new songs.


I picked her new cd as my 2009 find at the end of year and highlighted “White Liar” (which I thought was the initial song release off of her cd Revolution but Dead Flowers actually was).

And yeah I was able to luckily hear “The House that Built Me” and write about it before it went up the charts.

So now I am hoping good things come in threes because I am picking Dead Flowers as the new Miranda song to listen to.

Dead Flowers:


As a reminder this is country. And Miranda is unabashedly country. So it’s not gonna be right for everyone (but hey … I have included Bat for Lashes, Sick Puppies and Pete Yorn in my music ramblings so I have never claimed to be consistent).

The song is a ballad about a dying love driven by acoustic guitar and light drums. The lyrics showcase a woman saddened by the images of dead flowers and Christmas lights that are burned out symbolizing the relationship.

He ain’t feeling anything

My love, my hurt, or the sting of this rain

I’m driving through a hurricane

All he can say is man ain’t it such a nice day

Hey hey, I guess we’ll just go to waste

Like dead flowers

This song was the original release from her newest cd and never really took off. And I really don’t know why this song isn’t being played on the radio more often (and the video isn’t flashy but really well shot and produced).

It really is an awesomely dark sad relationship song.

So often one partner seems to go on autopilot and doesn’t listen or notice what is going on around them. She captures this perfectly.

I guess maybe I am so used to her being such a kick ass country girl that I am not used to her going so deep emotionally.

In telling of a dying relationship where two lovers have somehow drifted to two very different places, she still brings a little edginess she’s known for and with directness paints a portrait of contentment disturbed that is a portrait of true sadness.

This, my friends, is heartfelt heartache at its best.

Written by Bruce