Addictive song: Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight

Civil Twilight

I guess I first heard of Civil Twilight maybe late 2008 or early 2009 and got their CD directly off their website (which at that point I believe was the only way you could actually get their cd). But I just heard Letters from the Sky on a radio station’s “breakthrough” program recently. This is a South African band and their CD was really tough to get until lately and they seem to be making another run at the United States. They kind of get compared to a Jeff Buckley but their big songs have a U2 anthemic feel. Letters isn’t their most upbeat song but it is beautifully written.

The CD is chockfull of songs that mix the Buckleyesque languid ballad, leading into a bigger feeling, fuller song. Anybody out There is probably my second favorite song on the cd. Their music is multi-layered and often meshes a type of Beatle melodic feel with a draggy grunge type underlay.

Don’t be scared by “South African band.” They are admittedly inspired by American and British bands and they don’t have any African feel to them.

Oh. Nothing to do with the music but their name is interesting.

Morning civil twilight begins when the geometric center of the sun is 6° below the horizon (the point of civil dawn), and ends at sunrise.

Evening civil twilight begins at sunset and ends when the center of the sun reaches 6° below the horizon (the point of civil dusk).

In general, civil twilight is the point where artificial illumination is required to read outside.

The brightest stars appear during the civil twilight, as well as planets, such as Venus, which is known as the ‘morning star’ and/or ‘evening star’.

Written by Bruce