Addictive song of the Month – “Last Summer” by Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn-Back & Forth

“Last Summer” is one of those addictive little songs you hear on the radio and the first time you only catch a portion and then the radio doesn’t play again for weeks. There is a live version of this song floating around that may actually be better than the CD version.

“Last Summer” kind of chugs along in that Pete Yorn upbeat rambling fashion. And it sticks in your head (as good Pete Yorn songs do). His voice is unusual enough to make his bad songs … well … really bad. And, on the flip side of the musical coin…it makes his good songs eclectically very good.

If you are not familiar with good ole Pete, his CD musicforthemorningafter is on my all time “here is why I will never be able to understand how record labels decide what should be played on the radio” list of great CDs you’ve never heard of.

So. When he writes a good song it is just plain fun to listen to … and “Last Summer” fits into that category. The majority of his new cd is crap (every time I use that word I want to say “if it’s not Scottish it’s crap”). But. That is way off topic and I am pretty sure Pete ain’t Scottish so that is probably a whole different post.

Hope you enjoy this edition of addictive song. (Don’t worry. I get no proceeds if you buy his stuff).

Written by Bruce