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Monday is January

Friday is December


Ms. Mr.





This is about two songs … but also about summer songs. In that almost every summer there is a song or two that ends up on the radio … again and again and … well … again.



It is the unnamed ‘song of the summer.’
To date I have done fairly well being able to pick the summer songs … missed spectacularly with Cricket <which I still believe is an amazingly catchy song: > and did ok with Pumped up Kicks, Summertime Sadness and Gotye.



All that said … this summer’s song?



I am betting on IAMDYNAMITE “In The Summer.”



Catchy … great radio song … about summer … fun to listen to … upbeat … has all the makings of a summer song.





In the Summer:








Before I give the quick review of who the heck IAMDYNAMITE is <because I had never heard of them before> I will make another prediction … this will be a one hit wonder song <and band>.



As most of my readers know I typically include another song from a band I highlight just because … well .. I can typically find anther song I like.


Not this time.


The rest of the stuff I could find from this band is horrible.





So enjoy this song from them and move on to the next song.




IAMDYNAMITE from Detroit, United States.

It would be reasonable to suspect a band who borrowed their name from the works of Friedrich Nietzsche might just be yet another pretentious act arriving on the scene but, when it comes to the rock and rhythm duo IAMDYNAMITE, it would be safer to assume the exact opposite.

In truth, the choosing of the name might just be a perfect example of the band’s playful and self effacing sense of humor. At first listen it becomes clear, IAMDYNAMITE, with their thunderous beats and crunching power chords, are actually the anti-pretentious and with American cynicism at an all time high, the timing of their arrival could not be more perfect.

IAMDYNAMITE are Christopher Martin (Guitar, Vox) and Chris Phillips (Drums/Vox).



ms mr photo

Another song.




This band is Ms Mr and the song is Hurricane.



I don’t think this will be a summer song hit … but I will listen to it this summer.


Good song.


Great radio song … but a horrible video. And … once again <sigh> I think this band will be another one hit wonder.



I tried … really tried … to share anther song from this band … but I just couldn’t.



Hurricane :


MS MR (pronounced Miz Mister) are a New York-based American duo consisting of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow.

After both members graduated from Vassar College in 2010, MS MR released two singles, “Hurricane” and “Fantasy”. Their music has been characterized as indie pop, alternative rock, dream pop, and dark wave.



There you go.



2 new songs for the summer.

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