whew new song … Crickets


Ok.drop city-yacht-club

Last year it was Foster the Children and the song ‘pumped up kicks’ which was an awesome song but played and played .. and well … played.

This year? Here ya go. Its gonna be Crickets.

<and maybe this new song. … a  “whew” song  will make up for the fact I just wrote about Justin & Tim McGraw>.


“Crickets” by Drop City Yacht Club ft Jeremih: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F95RD4wGpdc


I heard this song driving home last night and it is infectious, fun and makes you drive a little faster than you were <always a good random sign you like it>. This song got stuck in my head and i immediately searched for it … its just one of those songs. The chorus will be on your lips as soon as you hear it in the car … after the song is over.


I didn’t know shit about who this band was but here is their website which not only has the song, but the video … and a download remix <which is kind of cool>.

Drop City-Yacht-Club. bwhttp://www.dropcityyachtclub.com/



They were originally called The Freshmen, but ‘re-branded ‘ themselves <renamed> Drop City Yacht Club <or DCYC> in early 2013. From San Francisco they are hip hop. Crickets seems to be the most radio friendly <they may be this year’s one hit wonder> so I am not sure how mainstream they will end up … but this song? … whew. This one is gonna shoot up the charts and you will be hearing it endlessly on the radio this summer.

In fact … I almost called this my “future overplayed song” selection. But. It is good stuff.





Written by Bruce