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“his piñatas fight back.” – the most interesting man in the world

Cinco de Mayo brings out the beer advertising and my annual rant about beer advertising. And how bland it is … not bad … just bland.

Bland. I continue to think once a year all the beer company marketing people sit around a massive table (probably all drinking some fancy schmancy sparkling water because they are too high falutin to actually drink beer) and look at a reel of available ads and decide to divvy up the most blandly innocuous <and possibly mildly amusing if it’s not silly or immature humor>  among each other.

Note: specific execution doesn’t matter because they can just insert any beer bottle/can in any of them and it would work <note completed>.


The dog fetching beer commercial? Nice (and funny) but Alex from Stroh’s in mid 80’s was the first, and best, beer fetching dog <and multiple dogs have followed in Alex’s paw steps>:

Then Budweiser wastes an awesome mashup song of Cult “she sells sanctuary” and FloRida with a pedantic  ‘people having fun’ video <and having a Bud of course>.

Ok. Some exceptions.

I have already written about Heineken.

And Coors.  Well. How about … Coors is close. It seems like they are really clear on who they are (character and tone) and Sam Elliot’s voice over is a perfect choice but I feel like they could add some “grit” to their character. It may be bland but at least it is a reflection of what Coors is … well … at their core.

And, of course, dos equis (visit my post if you want a more complete review).

They are the current standard bearer for ‘what could be’ in the good advertising category.

Now. I am not sure anyone drinks the crap but everyone knows and loves the advertising campaign. The new cinco de mayo radio execution is priceless.

Absolutely frickin’ priceless.

You have to believe at some point the writing will become so absurd that the campaign loses its charm but somehow some way they keep the level of the writing very very high.

This year’s cinco de mayo?

The line for his cinco de may party starts on ocho de February.

His guacamole inspired the term ‘holy guacamole.’

He has 3 black books just for women named Juanita.

His 10 gallon hat holds approximately 13 gallons.

His refried beans are fried once.

His piñatas fight back.

Old cinco de mayo radio:

Older cinco de mayo radio:

It is said the sun comes up later on the 6th of May, in case his Cinco parties run long.
The Mayans prophecized his birth.
Even lucha libres remove their masks in his presence.
He once taught a German Shepard to bark in Spanish.
He serves sizzling fajita platters barehanded.
Bulls flat-out refuse to fight him.

I admit. I cannot figure out how the beer industry <at least in America> consistently showcases bland insipid work.

But thanks to Dos Equis we have some hope for better.

Written by Bruce