Addictive song: Sick Puppies “Odd One”

I was introduced to Sick Puppies by the “Free hugs” campaign on YouTube (which uses the Sick Puppies’ “All the Same” song). By the way. If you haven’t seen the video or heard the song it’s awesome.

Anyway. Odd One by the Sick Puppies is on their new Tri Polar cd. If you don’t know Sick Puppies, think a younger version of 30 Seconds to Mars or a Breaking Benjamin or even a Switchfoot type band. Strong melody with a big rock riff mixed in.

Odd One caught my ear and eye (because I saw the video on MYX channel…oh… and if you haven’t spotted that channel it is actually MTV with music videos…all up-to-date music all the time…awesome).

This Australian band has a knack for creating that anthemic sweeping rock sound and their lead singer kind of drags out notes to smooth over some of the rock heavy swings in the songs they write. The Sick Puppies (Shimon Moore, guitar and vocals, Emma Anzai, bass and some vocals, Mark Goodwin, drums) have toured with Evanescence, Deftones, Velvet Revolver, Chris Cornell, Flyleaf, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, 3 Doors Down and Finger Eleven. I have always been a sucker for this sound.

Written by Bruce