Alternative Lifestyles Part 2: Gay Marriage

Note: This is a follow up to my earlier post, Alternative Lifestyles and America.

The guy who works with me on the site found this visual. I love it.


Hey. I admit. The issue of gay marriage is complex.

Unfortunately, it is to the rest of the world…to me it is simple. If two people love each other and want to show commitment through a marriage ceremony, go for it. The way I figure it is King Louie in the Jungle Book was probably married to the Queen and they were orangutans for god’s sake. Surely if orangutans can get married, two gay people (even if they don’t live in the jungle) should be able to get married.

But it is in my pea like brain that this is simple. I know it is more complicated than that no matter how I may wish it were not so.

And this cartoon diagram shows it better than any words I could write.

But to all my gay and lesbian friends out there.

Hey, if you want to use my straight marriage license I am willing to trade it for…oh…a case of Heineken if you want it cause I won’t be using it. (still seems kinda silly to me).

Written by Bruce