Another Song: The House that Built Me Miranda Lambert

Ok. This song snuck up on me on the radio. Once you have heard Miranda Lambert, you will remember her distinct country voice every time you hear it again (assuming they ever play her songs on the radio). So I thought it was her voice and started paying attention.

The haunting ballad “The House That Built Me” (I know that they say you can’t go home again/I just had to come back one last time) shows us when Miranda comes to play she can do something other than shove something in your face. It is truly a beautiful song that seems just a little more …. Well … something (I can’t think of the right word) because of her southern drawl delivery.

Miranda Lambert is a spit fire with the stunning voice and sharply written tunes. She writes most of her own songs and she is a talented musician. A great mix of country, southern twang, angry chick, balladeer and some hard rock all in one.

It’s a shame she is not appreciated more. She is this generation’s equivalent of Tanya Tucker.  You can count on her to kick your ass, drink you under the table or grab an acoustic guitar and sing you a ballad that will make you cry (and then kick your ass again). Her songs have a habit of taking root in your brain.

I have always loved her style. I love her kickass songs (although Bring Me Down was a stunning ballad on her first cd). It would be a shame if this song wasn’t heard by a lot of people.

As I have said before Miranda is black coffee to Taylor Swift’s grande flavored coffee with extra cream and sugar. Try your coffee black for once. It is worth it.

Written by Bruce