The Runaways: I am now officially old

Ok. A new movie about the all female rock band The Runaways.

Ok. It is now official. I am old.the runaways at stage

I saw and liked The Runaways when I was in college. I may even have their album around somewhere (and their best song is not Cherry Bomb).

As everyone else did (ok. all boys) I had a crush on Cherie Currie. But they were a very good band. They rocked. It was kind of crap that they were always being referred to as a “girl band.” While physically they certainly were (women), musically they just were damn good. How many young bands have a good (not great) lead singer like Cherie and hidden in the band itself is two guitarists who would do quite well rocking all on their own later (Lita Ford and Joan Jett)?

starwood playbillLA is always good for local music but I think I got lucky. The Runaways weren’t even my favorite female band. The Orchids was the female band I would kill to see in college. (well. now at least we know why I would have never made it in the record business huh?). They were another band with good rockin’ musicians (I wish they had hired a different lead singer).

But I also got to see young Van Halen, Motley Crue and some local bands like 707, The Go Gos, The Dickies, The Plugz, The Breakaways  and X. (forgive me if I get the names off a little I am digging into a fun but foggy time in my life). It was a fun time.

Oddly enough thinking about all this live music reminded me also of a great experience I had in Paris (and it actually happened twice)

Paris Symphony in Metro

This is a picture of members of the Paris Symphony playing in the Metro (their underground network of subway transit). Imagine walking through the underground tunnels and suddenly coming upon world class classical musicians playing Bach, Beethoven, Mahler  … whatever. It is kind of stunning and certainly brings you to a stop. They figure they have to practice, they figure 90% of Paris cannot afford to see them, they figure music is part of Parisian culture, they figure why not play in the metro.

Two things:

  1. I love it when bands or musicians no matter their level, starting out or accomplished, share their talents openly and in a casual environment. I believe if more of them did this we wouldn’t have to worry about ads telling us to not cut music programs in schools. The kids who would want to pursue music would do it.
  2. Playing in public. Whether you have a job, want a job or trying to get a different type of job nothing hones the skills better than playing in front of others. Musicians understand this. We in business should do so also.

Anyway. I am getting old.

Written by Bruce