brit awards


I have to hand it to the Brit music awards … there is always a dash of irreverence that never seems to make it to America.

They just seem ‘cooler’ and less concerned about the trappings of the red carpet and how they look but rather … well … just being themselves (even if it is not mainstream).

And <to add on to that last thought> their style of ‘not being mainstream’ doesn’t have the American angle of ‘trying to be cooler than cool’ or ‘trying to stand out so I  can be recognized’ but rather they just seem to focus on being themselves.  I don’t know how to say it any other way.

Adele flips off the producer on stage. Awesome. The wholesome looking gal flips a bird.

No one really seems to notice but on the show after she receives her award she is being followed by Blur …  who is a poster child for ‘not caring about being mainstream’ and maintaining individual perspective. Anyway.

Here are the top ten moments in Brit Award history just so you can get a taste if you have never watched the show:


Several thoughts from the Brit Awards.

Adele. I admit … I have never really ‘got’ what all the people are raving about.

Good voice? You bet.

First single awesome? You bet (albeit awesome because Duncan Sheik – of Barely Breathing 90’s fame – wrote an awesome hook for her).

But my prediction is she won’t be relevant … or in the music discussion … several years from now. She will have a great run … but a short run.

Ah, but, for now … the matronly looking Adele pleasantly flipping a bird on the show is priceless.  And she moves up in my estimation.


The critics choice award winner.

Emeli Sandé. She is a former medical student from Scotland with a big voice and some really good songs.


Next to Me:


The brit breakthrough artist? Lana Del Ray. She is actually an American whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (at least she stayed in the land of the three named people). She has been described as a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra.” (I liked that so I put it in)

She has a song called Video Games which is really good:

And another song called Blue Jeans which is not only good but shows an interesting way to showcase her music through videos:

It is an awesome video. Actually … I like the way she does all her videos.


If you ever have the opportunity to watch European award shows (the good ones) you will not only see a different style of doing them but you will also get to see some good stuff that for some reason we just don’t get in mainstream america.

Written by Bruce