This is a rambling thought on living life.

I decided to start writing this one when I saw this quote:

“May the bridges I burn … light the way” – some unsourced blogger & Dylan from 90210


I wish I had written this.

Living life burning bridges is an art.

And, by the way, there is bad burning bridges and good burning bridges.

If you are doing the right thing, for yourself and without harming others and keeping within a good ethical framework, the bridge you just burned needed to be burned.

That is a good burning bridge (one that lights the way for you).

And that is burning a bridge with character and builds character. Because it takes strength of character to make that kind of decision and make that kind of change.

No ifs, and or buts.

No debate from people who say ”you should never burn bridges because you never know when you will see that person again.”


Too many times have I seen people pussy foot their way out of a bad situation because of fear of burning bridges.

What a bunch of bullshit.

This doesn’t mean you have to burn all bridges by blowing them up with a nuclear bomb. Sometimes simply tossing a Molotov cocktail on it as you leave it behind is fine. And the purpose behind this?

You burn a bridge so the enemy cannot get to you.

That is why burning a bridge is okay.

And that is why burning a bridge can have a purpose.

You do it because you do not care if you see that person or whatever reason you burned the bridge for ever again … because you never want to be associated with them again.

Burn the frickin’ bridge.

I have done it.

I will do it again (I am sure).

And I am just fine with it.


How do I justify in my own head living life this way?

This quote summarizes it perfectly:
“Whenever I start to feel like my life isn’t where I want it to be, “Cops” is there to put everything into perspective. Yeah, I haven’t made all the right moves over the last 34 years, but I’m not hiding from the police under a kiddie pool, either.” – Carl Mayer

Success is relative.

Happiness is extremely personal.

And, in the end, the only person who truly has to live with your decisions is yourself.

So burn the bridges you can live without.

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Written by Bruce