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“Some people are just born wack, you can’t teach certain wackness.”

The Weeknd





This is about a new song from The Weeknd.



In 2013 I posted something about a guy called The Weeknd.




I loved his voice & style & darkness in his music. It was languidly dark.



Since that time he has released similar song after similar song and … well … I liked them but they didn’t hit me like his first song did.



I kinda felt like he had maxed out and was slowly slipping out of the mainstream.






weeknd fall groundAnd then I heard this song several weeks back this has been stuck in my draft folder> which had this incredibly infectious funk groove refrain – and it was The Weeknd with something that actually had a pulse for a beat.



“Can’t Feel My Face” is a song by Canadian singer songwriter The Weeknd.


“Can’t Feel My Face” moves.

If its propulsive chug recalls last year’s Ariana Grande collaboration “Love Me Harder”, that’s because it’s covered with the same fingerprints—those of pop impresarios Max Martin, Peter Svensson, and Ali Payami. Perhaps recognizing just how dead-on Tesfaye’s Michael Jackson impersonation was on his cover of “Dirty Diana”, the producers anchor the track with a bassline that could have come from an alternate-dimension Thriller produced by New Age composer Vangelis instead of Quincy Jones.

Glossy but not blinding, there’s a throb underneath everything that keeps it tethered to Tesfaye’s underworld, an ever-present reminder that “comedown” is more than just two words mashed together.

<source: Pitchfork>



Awesome funk hip hop song.

Infectious beat and a song you will crank up on the car radio.



The Weeknd

Can’t Feel My Face (Audio)




Hope you enjoyed.

Written by Bruce