five finger death punch (a song write up)

I am not sure if I am truly writing a song review because I like the song or if it is because I always have wanted to begin a post with ‘five finger death punch.’

I guess I should begin with something my mother often says about today’s music world … where the hell do some of these bands come up with their names?

(note: this is an update 2/18 because one of the cool guys in my office – interactive of course – explained the five finger death punch.  it is the mysterious move in Kill Bill that only she knows as the death punch.  so. now at least we all know the reference point for the group. just wanted to fill in a gap as i found more information.)


Where the hell did these guys come up with this name? (no clue but i bet it has some karate/ju-jitsu type reference). The band music typically lives up to its name. It feels like a death punch to your head.



The song.  Its not a “make your head explode hard rock song” (although they are quite capable of that type of song). This is a ‘make your head explode’ band playing a ballad.  And a pretty good one.

Walk Away:

And … for all you old folk … they also did a remake of Bad Company’s “Bad Company” that was the first song of theirs that caught my ear.


Written by Bruce