I am not a middle east expert by any stretch of the imagination. But a lot of stuff is happening which includes the word “Iran” a lot. And, frankly, not a lot of good stuff.

Foreign Affairs magazine had an interesting article or two (they always do a nice job of sharing opposing points of view when possible) with regard to what is happening with Iran and the middle east.

In this article they included a link to a site which is outstanding if you want to gain some knowledge into Iran and some of the topics being discussed.

If you are interested here is the link:



I do have a point of view with regard to Iran.


I don’t believe I will share it now. Mostly because when I have a particularly strong point of view I like to take the time to do some research and be sure I don’t misstate facts.

The link is worth visiting.

It was developed by the Council on Foreign Relations ( of which today’s featured briefing is on The UN’s Middle East Struggles.

It is, well, enlightening.

Written by Bruce