new Cranberries almost Sundayslike


The cranberries are back. ‘Roses’ is their new cd (their 6th I think) and is scheduled for release February 27th. I just heard the first release Tomorrow:


I have it admit.

It almost has a Sundays like feel to it … and The Sundays remain one of my favorite bands for their happy poppy sound … and Harriett Wheeler’s voice.

<so that is good for the cranberries>

And just because I mentioned it I thought  would include a couple Sundays songs:

Remake of Wild Horses:

<possibly the best remake of all time>


<sigh. I miss Harriett’s voice>

Back to Cranberries.

The band is also offering a free download from the new cd … one of the deeper tracks on the cd but it is a good song. If you like the cranberries download it.

It’s been awhile since we heard from the cranberries (although Dolores released a couple of solo forgettable cds).

Which begs the question … why do some lead singers sound awesome in their band environment and some just … don’t well … sound as good solo (but they are still writing & singing the same type of stuff)?

One of those great unanswered questions I guess.


If you wonder what they have been doing and just want to catch up on cranberries knowledge there is a nice video of an interview they did on BBC Breakfast. Even if you don’t like the Cranberries it is just fun to hear the Irish lilt in the interview. Best part.  O’Riordan saying: ‘We went a bit mental’

BBC Breakfast interview:

I always like their stuff. I thought their next to last cd was underrated (hard to follow up the earlier music I guess). And they seem to be mellowing a little as they get older which I think fits Delores’s voice better.


Written by Bruce