clean bandit (happy music)

clean bandit instruments


“The way we use strings they become more like a lead instrument with lead melodies and prominent counter-melodies, it’s not a background texture led by big bass lines or synths like the Balearic stuff.”

Keyboardist/Bassist Jack Patterson




I am almost embarrassed to be showcasing this group and music.


Ok. I am <not almost>.


With so much heavy techno on the radio … combined with so much harsher r&b/rap rock the music from Clean Bandit sounds fresh.


And happy.
And uplifting.


It’s not as pop oriented as Katy Perry but captures the same fun feel.
The light & whimsical sound seems almost refreshing … because … well … it is light & whimsical.

clean bandit rather be



Clean Bandit is a techno group <think maybe a more well-rounded Owl City> who weave elements of classical music with a dance music beat to create what I call ‘happy music.’

I know.


How the heck can it be ‘contemporary happy’ and incorporate classical music … but it does. Classical composers are probably weeping in their graves but it is a really nice way to make the old new again.



Most of their music intertwines classical compositions, such as those from Beethoven, Dvorak, etc. (most typically, Mozart for their song “Mozart’s House”) and they say that some of their music has a lot of humour and a bit tongue in cheek at times.

They produce the music themselves and invite guest artists to sing their songs. Initially, many record labels refused to sign them up as they thought they were a ‘joke band.’


Here are a couple of their songs.
I happen to like the first one better than the second, Rather Be <which is rocketing up the charts and is addictive enough that I predict will soon be on your radio so often you will want to shoot someone>.






Rather Be: looks



There you go.

Some new happy music.

Written by Bruce