darth to come out of retirement


Darth and his cat

Having just read that Disney plans to create the final movie trilogy of Star Wars <chronologically taking place after Return of the Jedi> beginning with the initial release in 2015 I was wondering what the heck Darth has been doing in retirement <because you know he didn’t really die>.

Darth is slightly reclusive so I had to be fairly industrious <and use all my ‘force’ to go undetected> to capture some candid snapshots of Darth at home <and let me tell you … if I got caught I assume the repercussions would have been extreme>.

Here you go.

An enlightened conflict exclusive.

Darth at home.

Snapshots into his life.

Harry Potter fan

Darth on his new bike

Darth and the house staff

Darth out for a drink at local bar

Darth at local convention

Written by Bruce