did nothing part 3 (and last part)


This will be my last post on this Penn State sexual abuse issue (not a promise on the last but I am so sickened by the entire situation as well as how portions of it are being handled I have to stop).


If you are unclear on where you stand or how you are thinking about this issue go read the Grand Jury Presentment.

But if you do … hold on to something … or have the stiffest drink available.

It is brutal reading.

Absolutely brutal reading.

I do not suggest anyone faint of heart reading it.

I can guarantee you will be affected by it.

And I can guarantee that there will be a number of people peripheral, but absolutely not responsible, to this entire situation who will read this and feel excruciating pain of conscious for not recognizing what was actualy happening and doing something. Yes. Many many people on the fringe of this situation are going to have some sleepless nights.

And I feel for those people because now I wonder … I wonder if at some point in my life I have seen something similar … and just not recognized it for what it was.

No.  I am not talking about the clearly graphic uncomfortable situations that you will read if you have the fortitude to read the grand jury testament.

I am talking about the nuances in seeing a sex offender, who from all aspects is no one you would ever suspect, doing ‘odd things’ which these people in hindsight are going to have nightmares over.


Absolutely brutal reading.

Here is the link:


(you can also access it thru scribd)


There is a clip from FoxSports News which seems to encapsulate all aspects of this maddening media spectacle. It has three people in the interview … the commentator, a lawyer and Jason Whitlock.

The news commentator gets so upset by the end she just closes the interview (and rightfully so).

The lawyer is … well … a lawyer.  And someone in that industry should recognize that this interview is a prime example of why we hate lawyers. I know I hate him. He spewed legalese and culpability crap.  And to some extent he is saying all the correct things. But he is not correct. While he is a lawyer he is a person … maybe even a father … and he is an adult that has a responsibility to our youth … even if he doesn’t have children.

Jason Whitlock, who knows sports as well as anyone out there, and a known rant-er is actually quite calm. But he reminds us that this isn’t about sports.  This is about moral responsibility.

Here is the link:



I am done.

I started on the first day out of shock that someone could stand by and do nothing.

I end on this day because the grand jury report is sickening.

And removes all doubt.

And reminds us all that this shit happens … and it happens all around us (1 in 4 girls, 1 in 6 boys).

And it should remind us that we adults have a responsibility to children.

To protect them.

In this case we have failed our children.

And we should all be bothered by this.

Written by Bruce