everybody has a story (so listen)

everybody has a story

I am a collector.

I collect stories.

I collect memories.

I collect knowledge.

I collect insights.

I collect thoughts.

I collect words.

I collect stories.

And, while at times it may not look like I am paying attention, I pay attention to everything and everyone.

I believe you have to because you never can tell when someone is going to give you a story to collect.

Or some random piece of learning to store away for another day.

Or maybe just a new word or phrase that describes something better than you have ever been able to articulate yourself.

Maybe because of that attitude I always scratch my head when people don’t listen. Or, worse, they ignore people because they aren’t “equal” or a peer or significant or look like someone they should care about or, well, whatever crazy reason people come up with. Here is Life truth:

Everyone is significant.

Everyone has a story.

Everyone has had some life changing event.

Everyone has some experience worthy of note.

Everyone has something meaningful to say.

But. It can be tricky <if you are a collector>

Sometimes you have to listen very closely. Sometimes even between the words a little. And sometimes you have to say something that unlocks the story.

And listen again.

we all have stories we never tellBecause sometimes people have a story they never want to tell.

Okay. How about this. Everyone has some stories they hesitate to tell. Not because they are some skeleton in the closet (and these aren’t the most interesting stories anyway), but because they are a little scary from a personal perspective. They bare the soul a little. They show some vulnerability. It sometimes doesn’t feel safe to tell it.


Those are the stories you want to hear and collect and learn from.

But you have to work a little to get these stories.

Those stories are the real gifts <note: and re-gifting isn’t permitted>. They are secrets to collect solely with the purpose to learn something .so you can be better.

So. In the end I guess I am suggesting we should all listen a little more. To everyone.

And maybe, in particular, to those who you don’t get to hear that often. For in those moments, when they speak, you may gain something more than words. If you listen really closely, listen to the whispered thoughts behind the spoken words of the story, you hear the story within the story.

That, my friends, is where you collect wisdom. And sometimes, if you are real lucky, you will learn something about yourself among the whispers of their story.

Just remember. Not only does everyone have a story, but everyone has a story worth listening to.

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Written by Bruce