gary clark jr.

“I don’t see myself strictly as a blues player mainly because I was influenced at a young age by people like Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Sam Cooke, and Wilson Pickett. That sort of music was always being played around the house. Plus, I’m an ’80s kid, so I grew up listening to Prince and things like that. Still, I think the blues is a great art form in and of itself. When I play a standard blues tune, I try to play it as straight-ahead blues—as lowdown and funky as I know how.” – gary clark jr.


Saw the Bright Lights video on Palladia the other morning and this guy is the real deal.

Rolling Stone named him “Best Young Gun” in April 2011.

27, so hes not a kid, plays in a style that has at times been compared to Jimi Hendrix. I actually compare him to maybe a more harder edged Robert Cray (who I loved).

Because he’s African American and a Texas guitarist, comparisons to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix are inevitable.

“Those are not bad guys to be associated with but there will never be another Stevie or Jimi Hendrix. I feel there’s no pressure on me. I just do what I can do.” – Clark

He has that incredible knack for what I call a casual electrical style. It is rough smooth. And awesome.

“I wanted to kind of put it all out there,” he said. “I love playing loud electric guitar, putting it all out there and stomping on a fuzz pedal. But I also love the simplicity of solo guitar.” – Clark

Here is the video that hooked me.

Bright Lights:

And one more.

Things are Changin’:

Ok. One more.

Don’t owe you a Thang:

This is blues at its best.

Written by Bruce