nothing like going home


Happy 4th of July.going home wherever

And while the 4th is a USA thing … what I will share is a global thing. A salute to anyone who serves, or has served, for their country.



I will get to the real point of this for all my readers <American & otherwise> but let me begin by saying I think ESPN used to be the best thing since sliced bread <said as a bread lover and a sports lover>.  But ESPN’s sports center is awful … ok … not truly awful … but you have to endure a lot of crap to see the sports you know and love.

The best comparison I can think of is the MTV I grew up with <the one that actually showed awesome music videos> and the MTV now <I am unclear if they even show music anymore>.


It’s kind of insulting to the true sports lover <on occasion>.



soldier going home daughter

That said.

ESPN is airing a video which reminds you of the power of sports, sporting events and family.


I could spend gobs of time explaining the beautiful underlying strategic messaging which makes this video so effective for ESPN and professional sports … but I will not.


Because it could be construed as taking away from the real thought we should all take away from the video.


The fact that every one of our military, in every country around the world, makes a sacrifice when they elect to serve.

And they make that sacrifice for their country.


In today’s world we are quick to point out all the mistakes and flaws in the system … and in doing so maybe we lose sight of the bigger picture … the little parts that make it all work.

The people.soldier dad youre-home-safe_large


This video is showcasing members of the military returning home to reunite with their families.

It is fabulous.

This is where sports gets it right.


ESPN Going Home:


In USA, where less than 1% of Americans choose to serve, we should never forget them or their families.

Around the world, whatever the percentages of those who elect to serve, we should never forget them or their families.

It is a sacrifice they have assumed under the flag of something called “duty.”

I imagine we all have a duty to respect them and thank them.



Because I am a music guy.

soldier fr our todayIn the video …


1st song: “All I want” – Kodaline

2nd song: “Home” – Daughtry



Remember. Soldiers around the world sacrifice their todays … for our tomorrows.

Remember those who serve today … and maybe say thanks if you get the opportunity.

Remember those who served yesterday … and made the sacrifice to give you what you have today. To those soldiers, in all countries, I respectfully say “dormit in pace.”


I have the ultimate respect for anyone in the military.

In any country.

They serve with duty & honor for something they believe in.

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Written by Bruce