i-phone TV campaign

Well. While I would put this under the “not an original idea” category I would say it is an excellent idea and glad someone is doing it again.

The new i-phone/ATT television commercials.

I have only seen two (so there may be more) but the two I have seen are awesome. And well executed. And well produced. The both follow the same formula but I am going to show the “haircut” execution at the end.

I like it on a couple of levels:

Being Voyeuristic.

We aren’t seeing the people. We are slipping inside of their lives.

How? By showing the entire story through the i-phone screen we are eavesdropping on a moment between two people we don’t know.

Does it suggest we are all a little voyeuristic or maybe all a little nosy?  Maybe.

But that’s kind of our world today. People having conversations on phones in public and standing in line in front of us scanning pictures they received on their phone and do you listen or not? Do you look if it catches your eye or quickly look away?

This campaign says “hey. It’s ok. We will let you into our lives for a minute”. Love it.


The life moment.

Oh boy. It is perfectly set up.

The boy is presented with the situation where there is clearly an A answer and a B answer (which is more a failing grade then a “B” if he gives it).

And the tension builds because we know how often in real life we men fail ‘in the moment’ with the B answer (and infamous for certainly recognizing the A answer once given some time to think about it … as well as sincerely coming back with the A answer later … but having lost so much ground it takes days to get it back).


The guy comes thru.

He gives the A answer.

You love the story.

You love the “oh shit. What is he going to say” tipping point.

It is quick in the dialogue interplay but you love the gut clenching thought “he’s gonna get it wrong”.

You love the answer he gives.

You love the endearing sincere response she gives.

Excellent life moment.  And we get to see it.

Anyway. Like I said. Seen the idea done before. But doesn’t diminish this execution.

Very very well done.

And all I can do is hope to do half as well as this guy if put into this position.

Every guy wishes he could do the right thing in the moment like that.

Every gal wishes her guy would do the right thing in the moment like that.

So. Here is the “hair cut” execution (I have only seen one other execution in the campaign – the “pregnancy” execution):


Excellently executed campaign.  Oh. Not sure it sells any i-phones but it is certainly a great campaign.

Written by Bruce