interesting band called Breathing Space

So. I found the band Breathing Space through a very circular route. I was scanning an article in The Guardian (a great paper) about Hole’s (Courtney Love) new cd and single release (Skinny Little Bitch which is pretty horrible).

Now. I admit. I loved Hole’s first cd – Celebrity Skin (loved the title track as well as Malibu but thought album top to bottom was pretty good and listenable).

Anyway. After being totally underwhelmed by Skinny Little Bitch I checked out two bands fronted by female singers mentioned in the article (The Bitters from Toronto and KGB Slideshow from Wales … neither really floated my boat although the Bitters seem to have some potential).

Ok. I will get to Breathing Space.

Buried down in the comments was some guy raving about a band called Breathing Space (also fronted by a female singer).

So. I checked out this band from York, England. Awesome. Don’t be afraid by the Courtney Love reference upfront. There is absolutely nothing hard edged about the sound of this group. I cannot really think who I could compare them to (maybe Marillion?).

If you occasionally crave a little light relief that soothes rather than assaults go ahead and take a chance on Breathing Space.

With Mostly Autumn’s backing vocalist Olivia Sparnenn, whose voice is breathy and beautiful and sweet and strong and, well, has a nice casual style that seems to glide over some wonderful musicianship with ease grace and strength stepping to the front of stage for this band to take lead vocals they have a great sound. Anyway.  They mix beautiful harmonic guitars, ambient instrumentals, ballads and classic rock (with a dose of organs which adds an eclectic progressive rock sound).  On occasion they have used saxophone and wind synthesizers, adding extra sonic textures and created this Pink Floydish smooth rock anthem and a subtle jazziness to their varied repertoire.

Ok. Some songs. I haven’t listed everything just picked out some to get a feel for their sound. I honestly didn’t listen to anything I didn’t like. They do have a slightly rawer bar band starkness feel (be forewarned). A couple of songs just had a beauty and songs building into the true sound of it (which I happen to like that style) called Clear and Run from Yourself


Run from Yourself:

Most of their songs are infectious with a sometimes b-52’s pace on occasion and a strong sense of melody, catchy hooks and haunting choruses (they use instrumental bridges impeccably between vocals). The standard of musicianship is extremely high, but the band members seem to understand they are all an integral part of the overall “band” performance rather than being individual virtuoso performers.

They have a really really nice sound.

Anyway. Here you go.

Just thought I would toss my readers a slightly different music type to try out.

Written by Bruce