introducing Dj Luv Dlux

music bits and piecesEnlightened Conflict is pleased to introduce dj luv dlux as a guest music contributor <I am always open to guest contributors and keep hoping my friend Jen would write more because she is a fabulous writer and is possibly even more of a contrarian than I am> who will be offering up his new music songs of the day.


But this will not mean that I won’t offer my own warped new music thoughts on occasion <but his will be better>.


Dj luv dlux is my good friend ‘the DMan’ <his name is Donald>.

A great guy who knows a shitload more about music than I do and much cooler music than I do.


The great thing about D?

He doesn’t just love music … he loves the message. So you will get a life lesson … okay … maybe a life perspective … as you also get some thoughts on some of the coolest music you will ever hear.


His first post was ‘Song of the Day – Love is the Way … Blaze.’<>

I absolutely loved <and agree> with how he opened … so much wasted energy is given to, hate and lying and scheming to get over on the next person, it is a taught way of life. Every man or Woman for themselves or, Kill or be Killed, Self-Gratification, and many more.


Selflessness is tied to a belief that ‘doing the right thing’ will actually reap benefits.

Sometimes I do worry that we have lost a belief in ‘doing the right thing.’

But. Regardless.

As Dj Luv Dlux says:

Don’t be stingy, Love is free.


Not bad advice for the day.

Welcome Dman.

Keep writing.

Written by Bruce