it’s today … (happy thanksgiving)

What day is it? It’s today.

“My favorite day”


Happy Thanksgiving.

It’s been an odd year and this will be an odd Thanksgiving but possibly a bit less odd than in the past several years. That said. This past years has been a nutty year in a string of nutso years. So, maybe, of all years, we can ignore the dysfunctional family, the crazy uncles, politics and the general discomfort of gathering over a big turkey. Maybe this Thanksgiving we should start thinking of it as the first of favorite days.

Because, yes, every day was Pooh’s favorite day. This is actually a nice attitude <of course he did have fluff for brains>. Its not really any positivity mumbo jumbo its just more about having hope. If every day is your favorite day, that means you think there must be something hopeful that will occur, or, at least the possibility of something good & hopeful. And you know what? Pooh’s right. If you pay attention, look around, something good usually happens every day. Which, well, means that every day can be your favorite day.

Look. Today may not be my favorite ‘favorite’ day, but it is certainly a good day to say thanks for whatever Life has given you.

‘Cause we all have been given something <even if it seems hard to find it on occasion>. This year has been a tough year. Everything got shaken like an etch a sketch (again) which made good plans go astray and new plans get re-planned and, well, plans went to shit. That doesn’t mean some good things didn’t happen just that more often than not they happened without a plan (which then makes them seem either lucky or non-repeatable).

So maybe I am suggesting this Thanksgiving maybe you can not only give thanks to the people around you, but thanks for some plans not going to shit and some going to shit and you created some things to go well and maybe, just maybe, you had more favorite days then you think you did.

Look around. Think about it. Find it. It is always worth the time and effort to do so.


It gave me an excuse to use a Pooh quote.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Written by Bruce