Its your world

hudson act like




I heard a song several months ago while driving … loved it … had no clue who it was … then didn’t hear it again for a while.


Next time I heard it? I went hunting for the ‘who.’


Jennifer Hudson.

And R. Kelly.


The song is “It’s your World.”


A little bit of disco feel. A lot of torch … as in Jennifer places some HUGE vocals on top of a sweeping heavy dance beat.


What puts the song over the top is when R. Kelly’s smooth vibe provides a nice counterpoint to Hudson’s vocal power.


The lyrics are creepily bad … kind of out of a 50’s homemaker ‘do whatever it takes to make my man happy’ … but ignore them. BET AWARDS '14 - Show



The song is big and danceable and makes you drive over the speed limit.


Jennifer Hudson ft. R. Kelly – It’s Your World:




Written by Bruce