Kacey Musgrave on a Merry go Round


Haven’t found anything worth writing about in country music for awhile and then this little song popped up. There are a shitload of little female country singers coming out who are trying to sound just like Taylor Swift and the songs are cutesy <I cannot believe I just typed that> but they are not Taylor. Plus. I think we have had enough of her high school romance songs for now. Oops. Sorry. Different post.

And then this young lady comes along and sounds a little like a calmer Miranda Lambert with not only a catchy song but some outstanding gritty well crafted lyrics.

Merry Go Round: http://www.kaceymusgraves.com/splash/

Kacey is only 18, from Golden, Tx and plays the guitar, mandolin and harmonica. I think she participated in the Nashville version of American Idol but I am not sure cause I don’t watch those things.

But here is the really crazy information … she wrote her first song at age 9 and has since written songs for singers such as Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert. In fact Miranda’s current album includes Kacey’s co-written track “Mama’s Broken Heart” which Rolling Stone Magazine ranked #26 in their “50 Best Singles of 2011” list.

Yikes. Talented. Let’s see what she does as time goes on. Regardless. This is a good catchy little country song with some lyrics that have some bite rather than sugary sweet.

Written by Bruce