killers runaways


New Killers song just released … Runaways. It is shamelessly relentless Killers kind of 80’s inspired sound. Hooky and fun to listen to with their typical slightly bombastic pop style.


I imagine most people either love or hate the Killers.

Not many people in between.

And if you do love the Killers you will love their new single. It is clearly a Killers song. In fact it kind of sounds like a past Killers song. A good one though (I just can’t put my finger on it).

Their sound is … well … their sound.

And Brendan Flowers has the opportunity to establish himself as one of the preeminent front men of this generation’s music. He has panache. He has the pipes. He has ‘the look.’ And he … well … knows how to work a stage (and video).

The Killers sound has been described as “more Eighties than The Eighties.” <I actually think that is  perfect description>. Their music is essentially synth indie-rock, with a twinge of 80’s new wave <think Duran Duran>.

Here is Runaways. This is radio pop at is best.


And, as a bonus, I thought I would throw in a Brand Flowers solo song.

<Brandon Flowers> Only the Young:


Written by Bruce