enlightened conflict update

So. After about a month of high tech fanoodling I believe we have worked out all the kinks on the site. If anyone runs into any issues as they delve into my unenlightened ramblings please drop me a note and we will address. Thanks for your patience.

Some updates (because some people have asked and I have received some great suggestions):

1. Music. No. We have not posted any music thoughts for awhile. I have over 20 written (some may be outdated by now) but the guy who was awesome at posting all those posts with the links and videos and stuff has been on a sabbatical. When he gets back we will discuss what we are going to do from here on out with the music posts. I have received a bunch of notes asking about them and how much you enjoy laughing at my musical tastes and we will see what we can do. Plus. With lala.com shutting down we lost a great easy source for sound clips so people could actually hear what I was writing about (assuming you had never heard of whatever wackjob band I had found that day to write about).

2. Business or Advertising posts. Well. We should be starting more of those back up soon. My video link skills are not particularly good (but improving) which coincided with the guy who is really good at video linking going on sabbatical as well as then we had some technical site difficulties. But I have improved my skills and the site seems fixed so more of those type posts will appear.

3. Requests. I have received some topic requests and those posts should start appearing soon. While I cannot guarantee I can write to a requested topic I do like to receive request. at minimum they make me think.

4. We are going to be building a new companion site called ProjectGlobalGeneration.

Actually www.projectglobalgeneration.com.

I will post something when we launch it. That site will be solely focused on my wacky global generation children’s education initiative idea. Several people have expressed inters in the idea (and they don’t seem that wacky). I wanted to make it easier to see the idea an all the information as well as a place to house all future writings.

Thanks to everyone. hope you enjoy and keep on enjoying. I am having a blast (if that matters).


Written by Bruce