speechless part 2

So. after my willy wonka post my friend Brad sent me a television commercial he thought I may not only like but was a good example for  what I wrote about Speechless (or “no words”).

No words. What I wrote was even though I am a words guy that sometimes the most powerful moments are the ones where you just don’t have any words. Those moments which render you speechless.

(what I wrote and you can see entire post in willy wonka wisdom – I still haven’t mastered the linking to my own stuff but I have figured out how to link to something outside)

No words. I do love finding the right words at the right time. It is a really special feeling, almost delight, to say something and you know a light bulb went on or the listener smiles or you can possibly bring a tear of happiness alive.  Those are special moments.


I think I would trade them all for the moments where words fail me. Not the moments I couldn’t think of the right thing to say but rather the moments that render you speechless.

Some moments in life make you speechless.

This TV commercial is a pretty awesome example of capturing a moment in life that makes you speechless.

And, honestly, what may make it most awesome is that it is using grown men. Men so overcome by the moment that they really just kind of ‘lose it’. Sure. Its sports. But. Tough guys aren’t supposed to be overcome by stuff like this.

Anyway. Thanks to Brad I have an example of ‘no words’ in a sports environment using advertising. Three things I love. Effective communication without words. Sports. Effective use of advertising.

Effective messaging in marketing & advertising is often overlooked (because the ineffective messaging is often so prevalent it is easier to discuss those).  In addition. This piece of advertising reflects the character, or the strength of character, within those rendered speechless.  Without words it shows us a glimpse of what is inside the rough & tumble grown men. Silence is a powerful communication tool. It helps to remind ourselves of that on occasion.

The execution you would be interested in looking at is the first one:


Enjoy (and I don’t even like ice hockey).

Written by Bruce