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Well.lana del rey singing


Maybe because I just invested some valuable brain power on Miley Cyrus I thought I would spend a minute on another young lady who seems beloved on tumblr and weheartit and pinterest by young women <girls> and has an absolutely fabulous interesting voice <at least in a studio>.


Lana del Rey.



Talk about a passionate following.

Put her and Nutella together and I think the world would spontaneously combust. Certainly tumblr and pinterest would.


Lana seems to be one of the late 20something singers <another is Katy Perry> who appear to have captured the ears & souls of tween girls.

Katy has done it one way. Lana is doing it another way.


<personally I like the point that there is no formula to capturing the soul of a follower group>



I do love that Lana Del Rey is not one of those ‘one big hit’ singers and just seems to crank out some good music <whether it is actually a hit or not>.

Most of her songs are absolutely beautiful & touching almost enchanting in their <her> delivery. I am going to point out her newest on the radio <summertime sadness> but she has one from The Great Gatsby which is incredible.


While I still don’t get why everyone is complaining so much about Miley … she will not, and cannot, always be that cute girl everyone expects her to be … I also don’t get why Lana doesn’t receive more press & popularity despite her sometimes quirky head gear.

Her following is rabidly passionate … but certainly not mainstream.


Which is too bad.

lana summertime sadnessShe has a spectacular voice in lower range.

When she goes deep vocally … you can almost feel your own stomach vibrate.

Fabulous resonance.


I love her voice so much that I actually found a blog which analyzes singer’s voices and strengths & weaknesses to share some smart thoughts:


Vocal Type: Mezzo-Soprano

Vocal Range: 3 Octaves and one note (B2-C6)

Vocal Pluses: An emotive and expressive voice that uses Lana Del Rey’s ability to act more so than her ability to hit notes to convey emotion. This is helped by her phrasing and brilliant intonation that maintains that the lyrics are always clear, audible and understandable.


Lana Del Rey’s lower range is dark and full with a slight smokiness and is often utilised with a languorous tone and a quiver to the voice. The mid-range <song: Dark Paradise> is of medium weight, and has a sweetness and youthfulness that is not present in the lower extremes of the range. Her upper register is easily accessed and is mostly used in its warm and breathy timbre, contrasting with the lower end of her range. However, Lana Del Rey has demonstrated an ability to solidify the notes in her head voice, to create a more resonant tone <song: Born to Die>.


The voice has a clear and pure tone and an overarching character that makes the voice easily identifiable no matter what part of the range Lana Del Rey is singing in.


Vocal Negatives: Some have called Lana Del Rey’s lazy drawl “soulless” and “hollow”. Also, her live performances have been criticised for being pitchy and unpolished, resulting in accusations that she is unable to actually sing. –



Now I get to share some of her songs including the one on the radio right now … Summertime Sadness <which is actually a remix and not the original version>.


–          This is the remix version you are hearing on the radio right now:


lana del rey summertime sadness cedric gervais remix <from 2013>:


–          the original non-remix version is very very different … and beautifully done.


Original Summertime Sadness <from 2012>:


Next.lana young and beautiful

A beautiful song from the Great Gatsby. This is a GREAT song which I don’t know why we are not hearing.


–          “Young and Beautiful” from the Great Gatsby soundtrack:


Young and Beautiful:



–          and the song ‘This is What Makes us Girls’ which has some fabulous lyrics and young girls seem to have a love affair with this song:


This is what makes us Girls:


–          and lastly … just because I love her voice on this song.  Slow, low timbre, ethereal jazz at its best. Frankly … not many female singers could pull this off.





Hope you enjoyed.

And for the Miley haters … this is a real vocalist you can enjoy.

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Written by Bruce