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After receiving a number of emails from One Republic fans dripping with contempt after my Nutella post <

> I actually felt semi-obligated to not only find out more about One Republic music … but went in search of a song of theirs I could actually like.




This was harder than I thought it would be. One Republic is candy for teens. One Republic is sour milk to older folk <like me>.


But then I found a song called Counting Stars.


And it is pretty popular … on youtube as of about noon on October 18th:


Likes 274,700     Dislikes 4,980


And you know what? It is actually a pretty good song. Really catchy … a couple of really good lines that you can hold onto … and while I wish they could have written a slightly different chorus to hold it all together with … its written well overall.


counting stars one rep“Counting Stars” is from their third album Native.

The song was written by lead singer Ryan Tedder.

And the music video <which is pretty horrible> features the band performing in a basement beneath an ongoing church congregation.


Here you go:

Counting stars:


While I seriously doubt I will ever highlight another One Republic song … hopefully this will keep their fans off my back for a while.


If not … I will simply play the old uncool guy card. It’s an easy one for me to play.

Written by Bruce