meatballs & moondust


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This is about the movie Meatballs.

Just for you young folk … this is an older movie with Bill Murray as he stepped away from Saturday Night Live <yes … he was on SNL> into a movie career.

And this movie is one of the great summer camp movies of all time.


It is about a low-end summer camp with an awesome lineup of misfit counselors and nerdy kids. And while it is a comedy … of course it has a moral.


Kids should have hope.


Comedy and hope.


I am not sure it gets better than that.




The movie is silly, simplistic and simply funny around a fun plot. Bill Murray is at his sarcastic off the cuff comedic best but it is toward the end when Murray’s character rallies the camp kids with the infamous “it just doesn’t matter” speech <while banging some firewood against the floor> ahead of a big competition with a wealthier rival camp that may be ‘the moment’ in the movie.


Meatballs thumbs upHis best line?


“even if we play so far over our heads that our noses bleed for a week to ten days …”



Just doesn’t Matter Speech:


The other great thing about this movie is its soundtrack.


It is one of the first movies I can remember that really wove music into the storyline and message.


There are points where the music lyrics actually carry the dialogue to the scene.


My favorite?

Moondust by some guy named Terry Black.

One of those obscure songs that you only hear once or twice … but because it is used perfectly in a movie <perfect scene & situation> you actually remember it.


The Meatballs soundtrack is not on cd … but every time I watch this movie <yes … I have friends who think I’m crazy because I will re-watch it> … meatballs moon dustno matter how many times I hear this song … it has never become old to me.  It is a beautiful sparse song.


Moondust <Terry Black>:



As a bonus.

The movie <and soundtrack> also shared Mary MacGregor ‘good friend’ with us. Another sparse simple song with a pretty nice message:


Good Friend <Mary MacGregor>:


There you go.


Meatballs & Moondust.



Written by Bruce