autumnal winter-like memories

border collie winter



In an odd quirk to weather patterns we actually had some snow flurries early yesterday morning <very odd for this time of the year if not any winter>.


The snow flurries made me think of my two favorite border collies of all time <two favorite dogs of all time>.


Ginger and Tigger


Ginger <the world’s greatest dog> and Tigger <the world’s second greatest dog>.



I chuckled a little because I know why I thought of them … because I was with both of them <at separate times> when they saw snow for the first time.


Ginger was a female border collie.

Probably the smartest sweetest hyperactive dog I have ever known.

She went bounding out into the snow immediately thinking the falling snow were things to catch and play with. She ran around non stop trying to catch one snowflake after another in her mouth. I am not really sure she even knew there was snow on the ground with her relentless focus on the falling snow.


Tigger was a male border collie. The falling snow meant nothing to him. All he saw was a white blanket on the ground which he was 100% positive was hiding something he needed to uncover. He ran around using his nose as a snowplow until the snow started covering his head and eyes. Would stop. Shake it off. Look around to make sure he hadn’t lost me. And then started all over.

And just to show he may not have been the sharpest border collie knife in the drawer … I could throw snowballs all day long and he would chase them and catch them and bring them back to me to throw again … only to find when he went to drop it for me there was nothing there.



I still laugh over all of this.

Good memories.

Great dogs.



tigger and snowBoth having grown up in warm weather … the first cold weather would almost make them exponentially hyper <if anyone ever wants to know what that is like for a border collie just watch a Tasmanian Devil cartoon> … for about 20 minutes.


Juts a short period.

Then all of a sudden they would realize “hey … I am cold … and I don’t like this.”

<border collies are so smart you actually hear them tell you this>

And both of them would go running to the door of the house looking to go back in for warmth.


I was always slightly amazed that they would choose warmth over activity <until they got back into the house when they would immediately start looking for something to do>.



The snow flurries were just that … just flurries. No snow on the ground. All that was left was a couple of good memories and a good chuckle or two.border collie companion



And don’t get me started on piles of raked leaves and what border collies do to them.



It is amazing what good friends good pets are. It is also amazing proof that anyone, and any pet, can be an architect of Life.

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Written by Bruce