more signs apocalypse is upon us

Yesterday just gave me one more (ok. several more) sign the apocalypse is upon us.

–          My balcony view is now impeded by a craneview from my balcony

–          My mother was semi suicidal over the fact she had to move her top level 4×4 storage unit to a lower level 4×4 storage unit

–          I wrote an easter post about chocolate eggs.

So. A couple months ago I wrote about the bluffs less than a mile away dropping off into the great blue sea. Well. The bluffs have officially left my complex. The my world crumblingedge of the parking lot now has attained an excellent cliff diving platform status to the Pacific. Oddly enough, the crane in the picture is working on the bluffs on the other side of my complex. Needless to say the note I receive on my front door explaining that is … well … a little complex. And a lot puzzling. But needless to say my 3rd floor view is dead center between the non crumbling bluffs the crane is working on and the crumbling bluffs which no one is working on. oh. And i have lost what used to be a pretty awesome view to a crane swinging outside my bedroom and balcony. My next update should be from the surf.

And then my mother calls. In a slight panic. Ok. Major panic. When she moved in and received an upper level 4 foot by 4 foot storage space she immediately requested a lower level storage space (easier to access for her). Now. That was maybe 5 months ago. And she knew she was going to get a lower one as soon as it became available. Well. It became available. And then my mother became semi suicidal with angst over how she was going to move everything into her new storage space (even though the maintenance guy said he would do it). Have you ever received a phone call where you had absolutely no idea what to say in response to what you hear? Well. I tried “ok.” (on a multiple choice that one may have been d. none of the above). Needless to say. She didn’t commit suicide. The storage unit stuff did get moved. And in hindsight I still couldn’t think of what the right thing to say was.

Easter-egg-expensiveOh. Although I did laugh very hard when trying to tell about being semi suicidal over a 4×4 storage unit. I think he laughed more at me then the story.

And then at the end of the day I wrote a post for easter about chocolate eggs. WTF. And I wasn’t even drinking.

Written by Bruce