most expensive (absurd) bra in the world


Whew.bra most expensive



I fully understand the value of public relations and stunts and doing one thing <un-replicable> simply to stand out and be noticed.


And I also fully understand that highlighting an extreme to make a point is dramatic and dynamic and you can often attach dollars & cents to it in sales at the end.


But I also fully understand that some things are absurd.


Like what?

Like a $10 million dollar bra.


Oh my.


If there is an idea that will encourage women to go braless … this may actually be it.


The most expensive brassiere produced this year is Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. The piece of lingerie costs $10 million. This year’s bra and belt are handset in 18-karat gold and feature a 52-carat, pear-shaped center ruby plus more than 4,200 precious gems, including diamonds and yellow sapphires. Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel was given the honor to model the bra at its public presentation



There are times that the fashion world just makes me shake my head.

It sometimes appears they live in a completely different universe from the rest of us.


I may be way off base on this … but Victoria’s Secret is better than this.

Much much better.


Having quite uncomfortably shopped in a Victoria’s Secret <possibly one of the single most worst personally uncomfortable – I felt like a creepy fish in a fishbowl – shopping experiences I have ever had … and I have had a bunch>. They make nice stuff. They make some relatively impractical stuff … that women still like because they like the way they look in it and how it makes them feel. They make some really practical stuff … that women like because they like the way they look in it and how it makes them feel.


Do they really need to create a stunt like a 10 million dollar bra?

<answer: no.>


Victoria’s Secret is too good to be doing something like this.


They can remain mysterious and aspirational and all the things that a really good fashion brand can be … without pulling crap like this.


Once again.

Victoria’s Secret is better than this.


They should be smart enough to know this.

And I know someone in some conference room said something like “it is an annual event! … people know us for this and wait for this! … and we get lots of press and people talk about us!” <and, yes, they shout when they say crap like this>.




Just stop it.


It may have been good in the past when you were a fledgling brand and company trying to make your mark <position yourself> in the fashion world … but you are there.

You have made it.

You are on the mountain top.


Act like it.


Change your tactics and lead the fashion category and industry.

Ok. For example …

Why not make a fabulous looking $1 dollar bra … put it on a fabulous looking model <whoa! … put a one dollar bra on one of the most beautiful women in the world! are you crazy ??!??> .. and say you will sell only these 10 million one dollar bras … instead of this one 10 million dollar bra. Just one time event. 10 million women around the world walking into a Victoria’s Secret store for their 1 dollar bra. That is being modeled <and hopefully worn> by a beautiful Victoria’s Secret model.


That’s something a category leader would do.


A $10 million dollar bra?



Victoria’s Secret … you are better than this.

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Written by Bruce