murphy’s law Hugh’s version

Hugh McLeod

Hugh McLeod


“Whatever choice you make, The Devil gets his due eventually.”


Hugh McLeod




Hugh McLeod is hilariously funny and creative.

His version of Murphy’s Law is a great reminder to never rest on your laurels.



You can make the greatest decision in the world and if you stop too long to enjoy the moment … well … the devil <who apparently never rests> will recognize that moment as an opportunity to fuck with you.


I guess the bigger message from the Devil is … well … be prepared for “what’s next” as soon as you have finished whatever it is you just did.


I am not sure what that says about Hell.


Does that mean we live in Hell in that we can never rest or that Hell resides in some place which awaits your moment of stillness to step in front of you?




There is hell to pay no matter what you do.

Written by Bruce