National Fatherhood Television for Father’s Day

So. For Father’s Day I am sharing an older, 2006, television commercial for Fatherhood Initiative.


and another

light saber

One word. Awesome.

I often think Ad Council advertising often misses the mark under the guise of “doing something creatively pro bono so it breaks through the clutter” (the intent is correct, but it is in the execution that it sometimes falters).

Anyway. Not up to me to grade the Ad Council work.

In this case the commercial captures the true essence of being a dad: the selfless “I don’t give a shit how silly I look because the only person who matters is my daughter/son” attitude.

The commercial is interesting. It is entertaining. It is well done. And you get the message – on so many levels it doesn’t matter whether you are actually a father or not.

This is a spectacular example of advertising at its best.

Being a parent means not being numero uno in the household sometimes (often), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its rewards. If these commercials doesn’t show you one of the rewards, well, I am not sure you will ever understand.

Happy Father’s Day.

Written by Bruce