one year today part 2

one year today part 2.  just a personal note to my old buddy. just to let him know he will never really disappear.

“never disappear”

watch the place

like you weren’t really leaving

only to see

the emptiness in the space

where before

you were.

as you leave

i wish I could understand

what you tried to say

the day before

about the capacity of caring

for in that moment

only the memory of shallowness stares

into the emptiness

left behind

with all that’s been left unsaid.

oh, in your absence

i am not sure where

to begin


so please don’t take

my one companion away


in the space left behind

i have glimpsed the beautiful heartache

and have foreseen the fragileness

that follows

, therefore,

I wish time could have waited

one more day.

so, in your absence,

i imagine salvation

lies somewhere within your devotion

as my friend alice

once said

“some things get lost

and some things disappear

but my love for you

will always be here.”

yet, I fear

without you near

you won’t be able to hear

me say

“you will never disappear

from me.”

Written by Bruce