Oops. Clumsy me. Uh oh. That was a $50 million stumble. Do I tell mom?

picasso the-actor clumsy


A rare Picasso painting at New York’ City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art was damaged with a 6-inch tear when an art lover lost her balance and stumbled into the $80 million work of art.

She lost her balance and fell against The Actor, damaging the lower right corner.



Insert a HUGE ‘uh oh’ here.



I do not believe they allow alcohol within the Met so it was sheer clumsiness.


What the heck do you tell your mom when you get home?


If you tell the truth she will absolutely think you are lying.


If you lie (or say nothing) you run the risk of her picking up a paper and seeing you trip and do a face plant in a Picasso.





I personally believe she improved the Picasso and wish the hot dog mustard had splashed a little more.

Written by Bruce