pixie geldof

I wanted to write this mostly because I don’t know anyone named Pixie and I think it is kind of a cool name <and, of course, I like obscure music>.


This post begins with the belief that I imagine being the son or daughter of a famous person has its challenges <beyond having some unique names>.

Pixie Geldof is the youngest daughter of <Sir> Bob Geldof (of Boomtown Rats & We are the World fame) and she is in a band called Violet.

Me, being in America, had never heard of Pixie but apparently she, and her sister Peaches, are two of the most, if not reviled, then certainly mocked young ladies in all of London (nice quote to include).

A British writer said this:

Reviled. And do you know what? We can’t remember why. Yes, she’s a socialite and a bit of a latter-day sloane, a model with pretensions towards being a rock chick in the really old-fashioned sense best embodied by her late mother. But none of that merits ostracising her for all eternity, surely? Besides, if all Geldof was seeking was some credibility and the validation of her peers, she’s going about it the right way. Violet – named after the opening track from the 1994 album Live Through This by Hole, her heroine Courtney Love’s band – are making some very lovely music indeed. We’ve only heard the two tracks on their debut single, Y.O.U./I Come Undone, but they are enough to make you want to check them out

<you have to admit that those Brits sure do know how to throw around random words that makes their stuff interesting to read>


It made me all want to check out this song. Someone called it “lo fi grunge odyssey.” I actually suggest that the song is actually pretty good … not strikingly original but certainly listenable.

Y.O.U.: http://oystermag.com/listen-y-o-u-by-pixie-geldof

And a bonus of Pixie … singing lead for Violet:

I come Undone (Violet): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLWRtl1OPEU

I actually like to find these little stories. Mostly because not only is being a child of a famous person difficult but actually stepping into a similar career has to be brutal. The comparisons and second guessing and back room bitching has to be grueling. It would be silly of me to suggest that each person should be judged solely on their own merits because … well … that isn’t realistic.

Look. I don’t know if there are musical talent “genes” that get passed along because … well … for every miserable excuse of a musical sibling … there is also a glowing example of success. But it is nice to see some of a parent’s talent passed along to another generation.

Anyway. Enough of that.

Who knows whether Pixie will do anything else worth a shit but this was fun to listen to.

Written by Bruce